Light Up Cape May 

A Partnership between The Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May & Cape May MAC

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The Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May and Cape May MAC are working together on this exciting project to reinvigorate the Christmas Season in Cape May.


This season Light Up Cape May will award prizes for Best Residence, Best Business, Best Window, Best Olde Fashioned Theme, Judges Choice and Peoples Choice. Please go to the website to register.


The deadline for entries is December 5th.

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Light Up Cape May Information

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:  

Best Residence, Best Business, Best Window,  

The judges will award 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes in each category. 

Best Olde Fashion Display, Judges Choice and Peoples have one winner 

Winter Stars
Judges Choice
Best Olde Fashioned
Peoples Choice
Best Residence
Window Shopping
Best Window
Best Business

The 2021 Winners of Light Up Cape May!



West Cape May Winners 
1. Hoffman  408 4th St
2. Oetinger  315 3rd St23-625 

Cape May Winners

1. DeGroff  201 Congress St

2. Hulce  409 Jefferson St

1. Elaine's  513 Lafayette St
2. Bedford Inn  805 Stockton Ave
3. Luther Ogden Inn  815 Kearney St 

1. Cape May Fish Market  408 Washington St
2. Bath Time  318 Washington St
3. Victorious  302 Washington St

Best Olde Fashioned Display:

Mason Cottage  623-625 Columbia Ave

Judges Choice:

Paxson  112 Pearl St West Cape May

Schaeffer  113 Pearl St West Cape May

Barnhart  116 Pearl St West Cape May

Peoples Choice:

Hein Residence  7 Swan Ave 

Thank you to our judges: 

 Veronica Town - AC Electric, Shaine Meier - Council Member City of Cape May,

Katlyn Mogavero - Grand Hotel, Deborah Bass - Cape May County Tourism,

James Ridgway-J Byrne Insurance, Mary Stewart-Cape May MAC


Thank You To Our Sponsors:


Registration is Open for 2022

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